[clug] Linux Laptop?

David Adams u2552331 at anu.edu.au
Tue Feb 26 10:06:52 GMT 2008

Hey guys,

My laptop got jacked today. Bottom line: I was looking for a new laptop 
with a fair amount of grunt and good Linux support. As I don't have 
internet access without my laptop I can't shop around myself. I'd like 
to purchase it locally as I need it quickly to get on the net...

Obviously, good "out of the box" Linux support in Hardy/Gutsy for all 
the hardware (including Wireless, widescreen, DVD burner etc) is a must. 
Buying one which DOESN'T come preloaded with Windows will obviously be 
really, really good.

I'd rather not have one that has lots of unnecessary features such as 
fingerprint readers, especially as they simply weigh more, cost more and 
cause hardware conflicts.

Hardware I'd like:

- Large, widescreen screen. Without net I can't get exact dimensions- 
but yeah. Big is good.
- Dual core processor.
- About 1.5gig of ram, give or take 500mb.
- Robust and sturdy.
- DVD burner would be nice, but not essential.
- A couple of USB ports.
- Decent, easy-to-type-on keyboard.
- No unnecessary features (floppy drives, fingerprint readers, 
cardreaders etc).
- Not preloaded with Windows, but I realize this is... impossible pretty 

My budget is about $1,000 (cool!!)->$1,500 (acceptable)->$2,000 (... 
reeeally? :'( ).

Anyone have anything they can recommend? Again, I'd like to buy it 
locally if I can.



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