[clug] Thursday: OLPC discussion + a talk

Lana Brindley lanabrindley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 09:49:37 GMT 2008

Thanks for the response Adam ... I don't have any experience with Debian, to
be honest.
Has anyone else heard of the eeedora project?


On 26/02/2008, Adam Jenkins <adam at snorkel.rtfm.net.au> wrote:
> > I may just have to content myself with an eee pc. What is xandros like
> as an
> > OS?
> I think you mean Xubuntu :-)  I am not very familiar with either, but
> xubuntu is what comes with the eee.  It is pretty good though; if you
> don't like the Easy Menu, you can pretty easily install a couple of
> packages which make it boot into 'full desktop', so it looks the same as
> any other KDE based distro.  And once you tell Xubuntu what Debian
> repositories you want, you can easily grab new programs.  It comes with
> OpenOffice, The GIMP, games, Thunderbird, Skype, Firefox..
> I am now trying normal Ubuntu (7.10) on my eee, and it's also good, but
> it's taken a bit more fiddling with to get how I want.  There's a tool at
> http://code.google.com/p/eee-ubuntu-support/ which makes it easy to do a
> lot of the commonly wanted changes, but I still haven't got it working as
> well as with Xubuntu.  Ie the camera application (ucview) isn't working
> properly, and I can't use the function keys to switch between LCD and
> external monitor.  The wireless network app in xubuntu is really helpful
> also.
> I get the impression the eee is more full-featured than the XO PC.  Which
> may or may not be what you're after.

Cheers! Lana

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