[clug] Fedora gdm & upgrade problem

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Feb 26 03:00:54 GMT 2008

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Adrian Blake wrote:
| I have fedora 5 on a machine.  The Gnome initialisation fails. I suspect
| a corrupt file. I thought upgrading to fedora 8 would get around the
| problem, but alas no. The installation gets to checking dependencies and
| stops at 27 %

I had a similar problem and found out, after the fact, that there's a patch
that you have to apply to the Fedora 8 installer to allow it to get over
package dependency problems during upgrade.  Unfortunately, I forgot to
bookmark the page and now can't find it again.

I'd suggest trying to upgrade to, say, Fedora Core 6 or Fedora 7.  That may be
a smaller step for the dependency resolution process.

Alternatively, try renaming the .gnomerc file or any one of the .gconf,
.gconfd, .gnome, .gnome2 and .gnome2_private directories - whose individual
functions I've never bothered to determine - while not using X (e.g. from a
terminal or SSH session).  Then try logging in; it should create what it needs
and go back to a default layout.

Hope this helps,

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