[clug] Speaking of [cheap] printers..

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Thu Feb 14 21:15:59 GMT 2008

My Dad just switched from Windows over to Linux and the other day he 
called me saying "I bought a new laser printer for $65 from Office Choice".

I cringed..

"Dad, it's probably one of those 'Windows software driven' printers and 
won't work on Linux. Remember the old Canon LBP660 that wouldn't work on 
XP cause they never released compatible software for it? Anyway, what's 
the model and I'll look it up."

"Samsung ML-2010."

"Righto. Well according to http://linuxprinting.org it works.. 
perfectly. Well, what do you know? Samsung provide a Linux driver and 
all, so sounds like a bargain!"

I installed the printer last night - plugged it into his little D-Link 
NAS unit and it took 30 seconds to set up on his Ubuntu GNOME desktop. 
Literally 30 seconds, might have been 20.

So in light of the cheap Brother printer thread, I can also say that 
this little Samsung worked a treat! And at a price cheaper than most 
replacement toner cartridges, who can complain about that!? Well, ok, 
I'm sure someone can complain, but still.


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