[clug] Re: [Linux-aus] And Skynet fights back.

Adam Jenkins adam at snorkel.rtfm.net.au
Mon Feb 11 23:17:14 GMT 2008

> > I don't think I can find that quote on the page noted; do you have any
> > useful comments about the case studies mentioned?

I liked the Terminator quote :-)

> And no stories from ISP's and Schools/Universities - places where they
> tend to have a clue & mostly price really matters.

I was surprised about Ludwig Institute being mentioned in there.  I've
worked at Medical Research places before, and in my experience, there's
usually at least one of the leading research teams who are very big open
source fans.  If for no other reason than that things like Linux and OSX
mean that they spend $100,000 pa doing their work, not $1,000,000 using
Sun/SGI hardware and code they can't change as easily.  However, they
often do this without much/any support of their Department's IT team, so
it's one of those things which is not likely to be known outside of their

I wonder if it's worth contacting some of those companies and asking if
they are really happy with Microsoft's solutions?  It's the kind of thing
that a lot of dopey companies think will make them look good, that they
are doing what they believe everyone else is doing, and if enough
competitors politely ask things like "are you really finding MS SQL
performs better than MySQL?", maybe some of their management/PR types will
be forced to re-think that.

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