[clug] 1 Workstation up for freesale

Roy Kramp stiiixy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 08:58:52 GMT 2008

I have in my possession 1 Compaq W6000 for one lucky person/org:

Compaq W6000 Chassis+400W PSU
1 x 1.6GHz Xeon CPU (2nd socket free)
1GB/2 x 512MB RDRAM
1 x Matrox Millenium G450 Dual-Head
2 x 20GB Seagate ST118202LC Hot-Swap drives connected to your choice of
1 x Adaptec:
3 x SCSI cables
3 x Hot-Swap-to-68pin adaptor's (possibly two. I bought three, but you know...)

Unfortunately, the hard drive's are not secured. I have dispossessed
the Compaq/HP runner's etc, but I am sure an enterprising individual
can find them, or a suitable replacement. The drives are also of the
high-profile type (5cm high?).

I also have hiding away somewhere an unused Sony DDS-3?? external SCSI
tape drive which would complement two of the three SCSI cards
perfectly. I do have in my hot little hands the SCSI cable and 2 x
5-packs of DDS-3 12/24 tapes. I'll keep you informed when I actually
find the drive unit itself.

Now, the cost. I only ask that this thing go to a 'good cause', like a
school or charity. Or possibly the phone number from a nice girl...

....any taker's on this thing?

gmail me at stiiixy at gmail dot com

P.S. This beast actually works. It's got Solaris 10 on it, ready for
your nuking.

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