[clug] Vodafone USB modem connect assistance

james at quokkamail.com james at quokkamail.com
Sun Feb 3 12:18:12 GMT 2008

James Cherryh wrote:
>> When the modem is now connected, if I open up a console box at the Suse
>> desktop the first thing it says is :
>> bash: /dev/null: Permission denied
>> repeated about 9 times. Odd. Anyone have any thoughts why that is so?

>This is wrong. /dev/null should look like this:

>[dart] ls -l /dev/null
>crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3 2007-09-22 05:12 /dev/null

When I reboot, all is fine with /dev/null. But as soon as I connect
using kinternet it all goes to hell. Then when I reboot all is fine

So it sounds pretty much like some sort of side effect of using
kinternet with this USB modem. 

Very odd.


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