[clug] Vodafone and Huawei USB modem on Linux

James Cherryh jcherryh at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 11:49:31 GMT 2008

I've subscribed to the Vodafone 3G service ($39 a month, 5 gig) in Oz.

On my dual-boot laptop it works fine on MSWindows, but I can't quite crack
the magic incantation to get it running on my OpenSuse 10.3 install where I
spend most of my time; obviously it's a pain to keep having to boot to the
Alternative Operating System to check my email.

Has anyone on the list accomplished getting this working with Linux, and can
they post what I need to do or email me  to talk me through it?

I followed applicable instructions here :
and here :

and it seems to dial but then disconnects straight away.

I'm not a hardware guy at the best of times....


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