[clug] EeePC 1000 coming..

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Wed Dec 31 15:46:30 GMT 2008

Chris Smart wrote:
> Yeah, I'm not sure Asus is going to be supporting Linux much in the future.
> They seem to be making more and more plans with Microsoft.
> It's taken so long to wait for a nice Linux model, that now I don't want a
> standard netbook. I want:
> Atom dual-core with hyper-threading (I want to see 4 penguins!)
>> =20GB _fast_ SSD
> 3G modem
> 10" 1280x980 res
> DVI out (1080p)
> 5 hours battery life
> Wireless N
> As full size keyboard as possible
> Surround sound would be sweet
> Full Linux support (including suspend and resume. Yes, resume too please)
> <=1KG
> And can I get all that for around $500? Surely that's not too much to ask
> for :-)
Multiple output plugs, 4 cores and a full sized keyboard.  Sounds like 
you want a laptop.


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