[clug] Internode and Billion 7401VGP-M

Tim Rayner Tim.Rayner at aarnet.edu.au
Tue Dec 2 06:58:23 GMT 2008


I've been on Exetel's Naked ADSL2+ since moving to Canberra in January.
Overall I've been very happy.  I've used a Linksys PAP2 ATA for the
cordless phone connection.  It was a struggle to get it working with NAT
initially, and it gave some voice quality issues - which I eventually
solved by updating the firmware - the rest of the family wanted to throw
away our VoIP phone service by then!  Its working reliably again now,
and we're enjoying the savings of $50 p.m. broadband, and < $10 p.m.
phone bill.

I'd definitely recommend getting an integrated ATA in your router if you
can - will solve any NAT issues, and any upstream QoS will hopefully be
automatic. I don't have any specific experience with this Billion model
though I'm afraid.

I have been very pleased with Exetel as a provider - not much geared up
for supporting clueless end users, but as a technical person, I've had
help from them when I've needed it.


On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 17:39 +1100, Ian Bardsley wrote:

> Hi Mike
> I've been looking at naked DSL too and at this stage am leaning toward 
> iinet. Similar packages to Internode but has the added bonus of offering 
> Abc's IVIEW  without usage being added to download allocation.
> May be worth a look before your final decision
> Mike Carden wrote:
> > Internode recommend the
> > Billion 7401VGP-M as an all-in-one solution with wired Ethernet,
> > wireless 802.11g and an analogue port for VOIP.
> >
> >
> >   

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