[clug] backup script?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Aug 30 08:01:48 GMT 2008

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Paul wrote:
| I've been wanting to figure out the best backup method, which in my
| opinion revolves around easiest restore method.
| I've just had to replace a HDD recently so this bumped this up the
| priority list.
| Initially I thought some sort of tar command , but presumably I would
| have to filter out the run-time files eg /proc /tmp etc..
| Has anyone got a working script that I could use?
| The other method which I'm wondering about is some sort of image backup
| of the whole drive, as this would make restore alot easier, right?
| Note my root drive current holds about 5Gb of data so it could possibly
| fit onto a DVD if I squeeze/zip it, but mostly I will just copy backup
| file to another mounted drive.

I would recommend looking into dar (http://dar.linux.free.fr/).  The features
that attracted me to it are:

* Full archive compression
* In-program splitting of archives (CDs, DVDs, file systems that don't
understand files larger than 4GB, etc.)
* Very fast restore of any file
* Incremental and differential backup systems, including from a local
catalogue file (so your archive can be remote but you can still do incremental
back ups)
* Good encryption support
* Backs up SELinux contexts and other extended attributes

I use rsync to backup to my brother's machine, but this doesn't preserve
history like dar can.

Have fun,

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