[clug] Re: More (almost free) stuff. - 3.5" WD 200GB IDE - $10

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Mon Aug 25 10:04:08 GMT 2008

on 25/08/08 18:37 Alex Satrapa said the following:
stuff about wiping drives removed
> But enough of that essay. The short version of Peter's essay is: 'for
> modern drives, write something that is not the data that was originally
> there.'

The short version, is that if the data that the disk has held is worth more to
you than the cost of the drive? Physically destroy the platters & drive.

Anything else is the worst form of guess work. More akin, IMNSHO, to Russian
Roulette. Especially if said disk is to be physically transferred to
another's... tender loving care.

"I don't know anyone who can cheaply break rot13, therefore rot13 is a secure
encryption for my data!"


Recognising that everyone is very different, but to me? A $10 return is just
so not worth that sort of risk. Especially if the data on said disk could have
a lifetime value measured in years to decades. YMMV.

- Steve

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