[clug] Canberra Perl Mongers wants CLUG help!

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Aug 20 12:49:20 GMT 2008

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Michael Potter wrote:
| Hi CLUGers
| Some months ago, CLUG hosted a talk by Paul Fenwick (from
| perltraining.com.au), which was packed out and considered a great
| night by all.
| Jacinta Richardson (also from perltraining.com.au) will be in Canberra
| next week with Paul, and indicated they would like to meet up with
| local Perl mongers / CLUGers etc. and give some more talks and have a
| jolly old night as we did last time.
| Of course to enable this, we require an appropriate venue and a
| projector, which is where I believe CLUG may be able to help out, as
| they did last time with the venue in Bunda St.

Unfortunately the training room at Bunda St. is no longer available.  I'm
looking at the moment for another venue in the city that we can use.  If
anyone has any knowledge of meeting rooms, etc. somewhere around Civic
(because I still would like to run it as a talk-and-dinner event) then please
let me know.

| If there is anyone in CLUG who would like to step forward and help out
| to make this a great event, please forward me with any
| details/contacts regarding the venue from last time, or even better go
| ahead and organize the night (I am thinking Thurs 28th would be pretty
| good time). Im more than happy to sell this as a CLUG event if that
| makes things easier, as most of the attendeed last time were CLUGers
| anyway!

Thursday the 28th is the regular CLUG meeting, and as such we already have a
couple of speakers lined up.  I'm sure Jacinta and Paul would be easily more
entertaining than my talk on SELinux for beginners, but can they compete with
the awesome hardware hacking leetness of Hugh?  It'd be nice if we could find
another time for a more PSIG / Perl oriented meeting.  Tuesday is good for me...

Have fun,

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