[clug] version control for config files

Tony Lewis tony at lewistribe.com
Tue Aug 19 13:04:52 GMT 2008

jm wrote:
> I've got  a bit of "spare time" today so I'll take a look at these and 
> cfengine which both you and andrew suggested. The minimum I was hoping 
> for was a script I could run every 5 minutes or so from cron to take a 
> snapshot should it detect any changes in a list of files or sub 
> directories. The main reason for attemping things this way is that I 
> would have a difficult time enforcing the use of anything that's not 
> invisible. I'm not allowed the use of cattle prods and phone books :-).

Sorry for swinging in late.  I recommend something like rdiff-backup or 
its ilk (duplicity, rsnapshot, rbackup).  It doesn't enforce any change 
control (which might meet your "must be transparent" requirement) and at 
least one of them (either rsnapshot or rbackup I think, and maybe 
rdiff-backup) leaves you with different directories containing the 
different versions.  That is, you can browse the filesystem to see 
different versions - no need for any command line tool.

rdiff-backup is blitheringly easy to use, too.


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