[clug] FTP Server Question

Ian Matters iristech at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 05:33:35 GMT 2008

Hi Ian - another Ian here.

First some empathy: I have use this sort of thing a few years ago when  
my daughter was in Japan for a year a few years back and found it a  
great way to keep in touch.

And now not to answer you question: If at all possible I would suggest  
that you consider using SFTP on a non-standard port and not FTP on  
port 21.  I think that you will get too many people knocking on your  
door so to speak.  By that I mean, people trying to break into your  

I allow SFTP into my home network (actually one of my Linux boxes) on  
a non-standard port instead of port 22 where one would normally expect  
to find SSH and SFTP.  It works a treat in a manner more or less what  
you are asking for.

Cheers, Ian Matters
On 07/08/2008, at 3:03 PM, Ian Bardsley wrote:

> G'Day List
> I have managed to totally confuse myself with this.
> I have a daughter working in South America who has a large number of  
> digital photos that she wants to send back to us.  My thought was to  
> set up an FTP server here and let her transfer the files via that  
> medium a chunk at a time back to Oz.  This seemed simple.  I googled  
> around and found about a hundred different ways to do this, picked  
> the one that seemed to be explained the best and embarked on the  
> exercise of setting up the server using vsftpd.
> Now I'm in the situation of having a working ftp server that  
> operates fine within my little home network but cannot be accessed  
> from the web.
> I have forwarded port 21 to the server IP on my router,  I have  
> allowed service for port 21 via Firestarter but when a mate at  
> another location tries to connect it appears that the connection is  
> made and then dropped within 5 seconds.
> Now, I have googled this extensively and found another hundred  
> threads none of which offer a common explanation of the potential  
> cause of this problem.  I see some suggestion that it is necessary  
> to open ports 49000 to 65500 as well as port 21  but  I see no  
> explanation as to why  this would be necessary.  My ISP does not  
> block Port 21 (or any other port for that matter). So I am now  
> confused probably from too much information.
> I am hoping now that the collective wisdom of the list may be able  
> to shed some light on this situation and perhaps point me in the  
> direction of a solution as this has yet again become a challenge.
> My thanks in anticipation of your input
> Regards to all
> Ian Bardsley
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