[clug] FTP Server Question

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Aug 7 05:28:42 GMT 2008

Ian Bardsley wrote:
> I have forwarded port 21 to the server IP on my router,  I have 
> allowed service for port 21 via Firestarter but when a mate at another 
> location tries to connect it appears that the connection is made and 
> then dropped within 5 seconds.
Is this after executing a command, eg dir/ls?

> Now, I have googled this extensively and found another hundred threads 
> none of which offer a common explanation of the potential cause of 
> this problem.  I see some suggestion that it is necessary to open 
> ports 49000 to 65500 as well as port 21  but  I see no explanation as 
> to why  this would be necessary.  My ISP does not block Port 21 (or 
> any other port for that matter). So I am now confused probably from 
> too much information.

I suspect, at a first glance, that this has to do with PASV.  see 
http://www.slacksite.com/other/ftp.html for an explaination.


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