[clug] FTP Server Question

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Aug 7 05:24:53 GMT 2008

On 07/08/2008, at 15:03 , Ian Bardsley wrote:

> I have forwarded port 21 to the server IP on my router,  I have  
> allowed service for port 21 via Firestarter but when a mate at  
> another location tries to connect it appears that the connection is  
> made and then dropped within 5 seconds.

Port 21 is only the "control" connection. There will also be a "data"  
connection which is on some other pair of ports coordinated between  
the client and server - this makes FTP a difficult protocol to handle  
through firewalls.

Does your router have any facility to act as a FTP proxy? Otherwise  
you're going to have to set up those dozens of forwarded ports so  
that the incoming FTP data connections will have somewhere to go.


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