[clug] How to execute batch on samba clients(windows)

Daniel Rose drose at nla.gov.au
Tue Apr 29 06:41:19 GMT 2008

Sukhee wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to execute batch file on samba clients (windows) connected to my
> samba server.
> I have the IP list of connected clients but can't execute anything on them.
> I am kinda newbie to linux. Can anyone please help me
> Thank you

For a login script that runs on the windows machine when the user logs in, that's part of Samba:


But what you want, I suppose, is a linux copy of psexec.

Let me know if you find one, I don't know of anything that can launch programs remotely on windows, except psexec on windows.

I think psexec uses RPC; It's possible that someone somewhere can reverse engineer psexec and reimplem-  Pardon?

Oh, ok.  In news just to hand, someone smarter than me has made one for us both!


Never used it of course, so can't comment on robustness etc etc.  Looks like it's source code only ATM.  Good Luck!

Daniel Rose
National Library of Australia

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