[clug] minicom on macbook

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 05:59:55 GMT 2008

Daniel Rose wrote:
> Deepan wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I would like to use serial port in macbook. I
>> guess usb to serial port convertor is the only
>> possible option. I wonder if it is possible to use
>> minicom in macbook to play with serial port (in
>> usb to serial port converter). Please let me know
>> if anyone has tried it.
>> Regards Deepan Sudoku Solver: http://www.sudoku-solver.net/
> Strangely enough I was researching minicom <--> Cisco only a few 
> minutes ago.
> I got mine working (gentoo, straight ttyS0), but random strangers on 
> the Internet claim that it's possible for the power voltages applied 
> by the USB converter to damage some equipment; and that this damage is 
> not under warranty, and that it happened to him.
> Just something to consider if you're worried about that sort of thing; 
> should be fine with a decent converter, I'd expect that they'd have 
> thought of this, but I've seen similar weirdnesses with Ps/2 <--> Serial
Conserver (www.conserver.com) claims to work on OSX
I much prefer this to minicom or seyon, but I use linux rather than OSX. 
I've never had any trouble with usb-serial cables when hooked up to arm 
development board serial.

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