[clug] Re: corporations (previously something completely different)

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 27 23:25:19 GMT 2007

Sam Couter wrote:
> Alex Satrapa <grail at goldweb.com.au> wrote:
>> How do you explain to a corporation that the love of money is the root of 
>> social evils?

(Shrugs) Communist Russia and China were/are massive polluters
and destroyers of the environment. The love of money certainly
can cause social ills, but it isn't the only one.

> You change corporate law so corporations don't have freedom of speech
> (they're not people), have tightly scoped articles of incorporation, and
> can't engage in any activities outside that scope such as lobbying or
> making political donations. You also make the people in charge (directors
> and executives) personally and criminally responsible for the debts and
> actions of the entity they're in charge of.

And no freedom of speech, lobbying, or political donations for
organisations such as Greenpeace or the FSF? They're not people

As for "personally and criminally responsible", they already
are. Why do you think Alan Bond and Rene Rifkin (spelling? big
stock market player) ended up in jail?


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