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Rodney Peters rodneyp at pcug.org.au
Tue Sep 18 00:50:20 GMT 2007

On Monday 17 September 2007 17:10:35 jrc wrote:
> > I would not be surprised if it's ye olde 80/20 rule:
> > 80% of Windows users would:
> > get 80% of the benefit of "Linux" by installing and using
> > FOSS applications within Windows
> > save 80% of their software costs in the process
> The real 80/20 rule is that that 80% of personal users pay for 20% of the
> software (include the OS) that they use (and vice versa) - if you are
> really lucky...  :)
> > The other phenomenon that I strike too often is the "shed PC".
> Bit of a problem when the house PC *is* the shed PC... :(
> It is obvious I have not been keeping up with the Jones's enough to strut
> the message appropriately and impress and amaze friends and visitors - will
> start accumulating bits to build a new one this weekend.   Any advice on
> the 64-bit Ubuntu and what to run it on?  Is it worth the effort/cost at
> this stage or are we still a bit early?   Thinking Intel rather than AMD,
> but could be convinced otherwise.
I've accepted the theory that Desktop Linux is more RAM-challenged than 
MIPS-challanged.  Therefore I found the following article on 
http://www.anandtech.com in July 2006 interesting.

"Conroe vs. AM2: Memory & Performance"

The gist of it is that AMD 64 CPU have better memory bandwidth overall, 
despite Intel CPU supporting RAM modules having higher "marketing number"

MIPS on MIPS, AMD are way cheaper.  The decision then becomes which mainboard 
chipset to select.  Nvidia are certainly proven with Linux.  AMD's own 690 
chipset is looking intersting, but does require recent kernels & XOrg 
releases - I understand that Ubuntu 7.04 is compatible with it.


> jim
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