[clug] WiFi/Cellular dual mode cell phone

chris zhang u4123459 at anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 4 01:02:37 GMT 2007

Thanks Andrew.

This way it doesn't require a wifi capable cell phone if I understood it 

So I need:

A number I can call for free from my mobile

A VOIP adapter (e.g. Linksys 3102) to 'patch' my call.

A VOIP plan - possibly engin or firefly

Right now I am in college, so can't get a VOIP plan.

Have a friend in Europe and will convince him to sign up for a VOIP 
plan. Then I have to get a local number for him to call from my mobile.

Looked into SkypeIn and Skype to Go Number. But they don't 'patch' your 

SkypeIn is just a local number you can call and Skype to Go gives you a 
local number and link it to ONLY one nominated number - only patches one 
number for you

Possible plan is to call SkypeIn number from mobile then follow what you 
said before. But not sure if Linksys adapter plays nicely with SkypeIn 

Do you have any suggestions?



Andrew Janke wrote:
> The other way is (although a bit of a fiddle).
> Get a mobile phone on a plan that allows free calls to a few
> pre-specified numbers. Include your home (possibly VoIP) number) and
> then go buy one of those redialing VoIP things like the Linksys 3102
> and link is to someone like engin or firefly.
> Then you just dial your home number with the bunch of extra digits and
> it will redial and "patch" the call for you. Instant free calls to any
> landline in Oz.  Mobile calls then cost $.27/c minute or whatever your
> plan is. A bit of a pain to dial yes but I am told that you can make
> this work with a big dialing prefix on some mobiles phones. Still the
> VoIP thing only costs $90 or so and is thus a lot lot cheaper way of
> doing this.
> Works for me.
> a
> PS: I use firefly but don't know if it is the cheapest anymore.
> On 9/4/07, Tim <tim at murphy.org> wrote:
>> If you don't mind a bit of a fiddle, it might be worth checking out the
>> openMoko (www.openmoko.com).  I've seen it pop up on this list a couple
>> of times, but just to recap, it's an open source mobile phone with WiFi
>> and GPS capabilities.
>> It's in the development stage at the moment (most of the functionality
>> is still being built) but a (more) stable version should be released in
>> October.
>> Has anyone on the list got one of these devices?
>> Tim
>> Chris Zhang wrote:
>>> Hi List,
>>> I am looking to get a dual mode WiFi/Cellular capable mobile phone since
>>> Telstra is phasing out CDMA network.
>>> I am really impressed with the calling rates with some of the mobile
>>> VOIP services, e.g. Truphone, Gizmo, Skype, etc.
>>> On average these companies charge you nothing for landline phone calls,
>>> and roughly 30c/min to any mobile network within Australia. (same rates
>>> apply to about 30 other countries as well)
>>> I did some research on different providers. Skype requires a cell phone
>>> to run its own program, which raises the specs a bit comparing to using
>>> other providers, it also charges a few more cents/min to Australia
>>> mobile networks.
>>> As for the other two providers, namely Truphone and Gizmo. They
>>> recommended Nokia N and E series, which is considerably priced.
>>> My other option is to get a wifi phone, and another GSM/3G cell phone. I
>>> don't quite see the benefit of this as financially it does not quite
>>> justify the hassle of carrying two devices.
>>> I will probably go with a WiFi/Cellular dual mode phone. Does anyone
>>> have any experience with this sort of things? Alternatively, is there
>>> any other way(new technology) thatI haven't thought of?
>>> Thanks
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