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Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 01:18:30 GMT 2007

On 9/4/07, chris zhang <u4123459 at anu.edu.au> wrote:
> This way it doesn't require a wifi capable cell phone if I understood it
> correctly?


> So I need:
> A number I can call for free from my mobile

<tick> I think a lot of plans call this "phone home" or some such
thing. I suspect that you will have a mobile plan already though and
this will be just an  extra you can add.

> A VOIP adapter (e.g. Linksys 3102) to 'patch' my call.
> A VOIP plan - possibly engin or firefly


> Right now I am in college, so can't get a VOIP plan.

eh?  I presume you mean you cant have a landline. In this case all you
really need is a friend somewhere with a broadband connection and an
incoming phone line (either VoIP or POTS -- Plain Old Telephone

> Have a friend in Europe and will convince him to sign up for a VOIP
> plan. Then I have to get a local number for him to call from my mobile.
> Looked into SkypeIn and Skype to Go Number. But they don't 'patch' your
> call.

Nope, it is the Linksys VoIP adaptor thing that does the trickery.
(connects the incoming call to an outbound VoIP service). Note that
there are others beyond the Linksys that do this, this is just the one
that I know.

> SkypeIn is just a local number you can call and Skype to Go gives you a
> local number and link it to ONLY one nominated number - only patches one
> number for you

Ah, I see where you are headed....

> Possible plan is to call SkypeIn number from mobile then follow what you
> said before. But not sure if Linksys adapter plays nicely with SkypeIn
> numbers.
> Do you have any suggestions?

There are others beyond Skype.  I would suggest you have a dig around,
freshtel are good, and so I suspect are engin.  Your friend in Yurop
can always get a freshtel account (free) and use the softphone ala
skype.  This is what we used whilst in Canada for 2 years a while back
to call home.

The other reason I use freshtel is that you can make it work with the
linux SIP clients. These SIP clients can also of course do forwarding
of calls and the likes (for free!) but require a PC somewhere that is
always turned on.  Thus I chose the Linksys VoIP adaptor thing option.

I would start with your mobile provider and sort out the costs for a
free home number to call first.  Once you have this, then just
convince whoevers phone line you will be using to plug in your little
VoIP adaptor to the internet connection.

I suspect the Office/computer room/etc of your department at ANU is
not a good idea.. :)

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