[clug] WiFi/Cellular dual mode cell phone

chris zhang u4123459 at anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 4 00:43:12 GMT 2007

Thanks Tim.

Very interested. They are currently out of stock. Reading up some 
reviews on Neo Base at the moment.

Do you have a problem with their https certificate? It isn't signed.


Tim wrote:
> If you don't mind a bit of a fiddle, it might be worth checking out 
> the openMoko (www.openmoko.com).  I've seen it pop up on this list a 
> couple of times, but just to recap, it's an open source mobile phone 
> with WiFi and GPS capabilities.
> It's in the development stage at the moment (most of the functionality 
> is still being built) but a (more) stable version should be released 
> in October.
> Has anyone on the list got one of these devices?
> Tim
> Chris Zhang wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I am looking to get a dual mode WiFi/Cellular capable mobile phone since
>> Telstra is phasing out CDMA network.
>> I am really impressed with the calling rates with some of the mobile
>> VOIP services, e.g. Truphone, Gizmo, Skype, etc.
>> On average these companies charge you nothing for landline phone calls,
>> and roughly 30c/min to any mobile network within Australia. (same rates
>> apply to about 30 other countries as well)
>> I did some research on different providers. Skype requires a cell phone
>> to run its own program, which raises the specs a bit comparing to using
>> other providers, it also charges a few more cents/min to Australia
>> mobile networks.
>> As for the other two providers, namely Truphone and Gizmo. They
>> recommended Nokia N and E series, which is considerably priced.
>> My other option is to get a wifi phone, and another GSM/3G cell phone. I
>> don't quite see the benefit of this as financially it does not quite
>> justify the hassle of carrying two devices.
>> I will probably go with a WiFi/Cellular dual mode phone. Does anyone
>> have any experience with this sort of things? Alternatively, is there
>> any other way(new technology) thatI haven't thought of?
>> Thanks

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