[clug] Linux on new school computers

Adam Jenkins adam at snorkel.rtfm.net.au
Wed Nov 28 23:10:37 GMT 2007

True, and I'm certainly all for learning being fun.  But are team building
skills something that kids can't learn working without computers?  Cliff
Stoll's 'Silicon Snakeoil' has some good musings on this stuff, and also
Asleep at the Wheel: Australia on the Superhighway.  Someone needs to
write another book in that ilk methinks, but with lots of mention and
comparion of FOSS solutions :-)

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> Hey MMORPGs can provide great training for working in groups - providing
> lessons on how working well together can be beneficial, and what happens
> when you don't! If you look slightly deeper than the surface of an MMORPG,
> beyond just it being a group of wizards and dwarves fighting a bunch of evil
> monsters, you'll see a lot of analogies to teams working together
> in a business type environment - eg emergence of leadership within groups,
> specialisation of skills etc.

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