[clug] Yet Another Job Ad

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Mon May 28 23:55:58 GMT 2007

Hi list,

We're seeking a technician to perform onsite and remote support and 
installation work for our customers around town, typically from 10-100 
seats.  We cover a reasonable breadth of the industry: the usual 
servers, workstations and networks; but also do telephony (inc 
Asterisk/VoIP), outdoor high speed wireless (microwave/laser) involving 
tower climbing/height work and some fresh air.  We're pro open source, 
run Linux routers/servers in most client sites, often using ISDN and 
other interesting things.  Unfortunately we are burdened with a bundle 
of VB/Jet databases.

We also do light integration/development and scripting where possible, 
although our web design "skills" suck :)  Phone, bandwidth, training and 
car/allowance provided.

If you're interested, please drop me a line.

Andrew Smith
Cool Chilli

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