[clug] Re: [Linux-aus] FOSS patent infringements

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Wed May 16 00:51:41 GMT 2007

On 5/16/07, Chris Smart <chris at kororaa.org> wrote:

> If Microsoft were to start suing, it could also kick off a patent war on
> a grand scale. An organization called the Open Innovation Network,
> funded by IBM Corp., Red Hat Inc. and others, has amassed a vast number
> of software patents. In the event of a Microsoft lawsuit against open
> source companies or customers, the OIN would retaliate in kind."

It does beggar belief that patent proponents do still promote the
system as a means to promote innovation and still deny that it is a
means to quash others in your market space.
In an a-backwards kind of way Ballmer's MS is highlighting just how
foobared the whole box and dice is. Interesting times.


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