[clug] Starting k/ubuntu - Debian

Bernard Duggan bernard at guarana.org
Sun May 13 02:16:22 GMT 2007

Hi Algis,
> 1. From my box, named "amd64", which is running kubuntu, I can connect via ssh 
> to my other PC's (all with suse 10.2).  But from other boxes, I can not 
> connect to "amd64":
> ak at p4:~> ssh amd64
> ssh: connect to host amd64 port 22: Connection refused
> ak at p4:~>
> Does kubuntu have a firewall or another security measure and if so what?
The most likely culprit here is simply that [k]ubuntu doesn't install 
the ssh server by default.  A quick

 > sudo apt-get install ssh-server

should fix that up.
> 2. I have tried (twice) to download ubuntu-7.04-alternate-amd64.iso from 
> planetmirror, but the download file was corrupted.  Anyone can suggest an 
> alternative way of getting the "alternate" 64 bit versions for ubuntu and 
> kubuntu?
I'd be inclined to try another mirror - if you know anyone on iiNet or 
Internode, they both have local ubuntu mirrors that don't affect their 
quota, and with ADSL2+ it's a pretty quick download.



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