[clug] Ergonomic keyboards

Michael Cohen michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au
Thu May 10 01:10:17 GMT 2007

On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 10:25:18AM +1000, Jason wrote:
> I hate those keyboards. They force you to type "properly", my fingers always
cross the center line. But then what do I know, my caps lock key still lets me
type in capitals, how unfashionable is that?

I have recently decided to try remapping the caplock key to ctrl as recommended
to me by lots of people. The first couple of week were really weird, but after
a while it started to get better and better. Caplock is truely a useless key
(its probably only useful for noobs on irc).

I still found that I had a lot of muscle memory for using ctrl in its old
position too - so I decided that since caplocks is useless anyway (and its on
home row too...) I dont need it at all and wrote my xmodmaprc file to just map
both keys to ctrl. I havent missed capslock at all. I also invested time in
writing key bindings for all the emacs commands I used, key shortcuts for
window managements etc, and now i hardly ever use the mouse. 

I noticed this was really great for comfort and speed - but now i cant really
use anyone elses machine - thats the down side i suppose. I keep turning
capslock on all the time - very frustrating. So whenever I need to use someone
elses machine i just run xmodmap to swap their ctrl and capslock temporarily
unless its a windows machine - thats very very rare that I would need to use a
windows machine.


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