[clug] Video cards to swap

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Sat May 5 01:12:43 GMT 2007

Fred Pilcher wrote:
> Looking for a video card that'd support acceleration, I bid on, and won,
> a couple of low profile Nvidia NV34 FX5200 128MB cards at auction.
> They've got DVI ports, but various people told me I could get adaptors
> that would let me plug in my VGA-ported monitor. Pft. Yeah, right.
Most of the low profile cards that I have seen have a dual link DVI 
port, they generally ship with a small cable that splits it out to two 
for you.  I've actually found that it's fairly hard to buy the cable 
individually because they all ship with it.

I found out that the DOLA guys in Fyshwick have a whole box of them 
though, they give one out to anyone who wins an auction there and asks 
for it.  You could probably talk them out of a few for a couple of bucks.


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