[clug] Other *nix systems?

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Mar 18 12:21:10 GMT 2007

steve jenkin wrote:

> I believe SAGE-AU is still operating. When Roy Meuronen was CBR chapter
> chair it met most months.
> I don't know the current status - had gone 'dark' a few years ago.

SAGE-ACT is still "dark".  Interest is sought for anyone interested in helping 
it revive.  Meetings get sponsored free pizza or beer, if that forms a 
motivating factor.  I'd be happy to link you up with the right people.


> In the pre OS/X days, there was a very strong Mac Users Group run out of
> CSIRO. Don't know the status...

http://www.actapple.org.au/  might be a good starting point.

> There is OSIA [Open Src Industry Assoc]. I've been to one event here in
> CBR. Notionally it's about business.

http://www.osia.net.au/  Not the right place to turn to for technical assistance 

> The yearly "Linux.conf.au" event seems to be the leading edge of O/S

and covers more than Linux,  including Un-personed Air Vehicles, home-built 
"Segways", detailed mathematics, running a business.... etc.  Next year's will 
be in Melbourne.

There's also OSDC (http://www.osdc.com.au/ ) for the developers amongst us, 
running in Brisbane this year.

All the best,


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