[clug] Other *nix systems?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Mar 17 23:51:57 GMT 2007

Neil Pickford wrote on 18/3/07 9:27 AM:

Neil, Thanks for the pointers...

AUUG still exists, though is very quiet days. Membership has declined &
the main conference shrunk over the last decade.
The long-term staffer, Liz Carrol, left suddenly in 2005 (06?) and
hasn't been replaced.
There has been a local CBR chapter - extremely active at times, but
currently in 'recess'.
SUN was extremely helpful and generous to CAUUG for many, many years.
For a time Keith Matthews ran 'UUNite', then it merged with CAUUG and ...

I believe SAGE-AU is still operating. When Roy Meuronen was CBR chapter
chair it met most months.
I don't know the current status - had gone 'dark' a few years ago.

In the pre OS/X days, there was a very strong Mac Users Group run out of
CSIRO. Don't know the status...

There is OSIA [Open Src Industry Assoc]. I've been to one event here in
CBR. Notionally it's about business.

In the USA, there is/was a HP sponsored group.
There's been SHARE/GUIDE for IBM (mainframers) for years - don't know
There was DECUS - for DEC users - now defunct with demise of DEC?
I've never heard of a SUN users group [though the 'sun-managers'
newsgroup was very active].

You don't want to know about ACS, APSEMA, AIIA, IEEE, IEAUST...
[In 2003 I created an extensive list of societies in NSW/Sydney for
UNSW. The site is now gone, here's the data...]
[see <http://members.canb.auug.org.au/~sjenkin/UNSW/usergrp.html>]
[and <http://members.canb.auug.org.au/~sjenkin/UNSW/contacts.tab>]

With the advent of broadband, the on-line communities for all O/S and
Open Source project have really taken over...

The yearly "Linux.conf.au" event seems to be the leading edge of O/S

ANU did have an internal mail-list/group for the IT staff/admins across
all faculties.

Sunnz - Not sure if that answers your question. I wasn't quite sure what
you wanted the info for...


> Many of those on CLUG use/maintain or interact with all sorts of UNIX OS.
> Typically Solaris & HP-UX in my case (But older versions)
> I suspect AUUG (Australian Unix Users Group) is what you are looking
> for, although I am not a member.
> I believe Stephen Rothwell sfr at canb.auug.org.au
> http://www.canb.auug.org.au/~sfr/
> or
> Steve Jenkin, sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
> http://www.canb.auug.org.au/~sjenkin
> may be contacts that are able to help.
> Neil Pickford
> Sunnz wrote:
>> Not sure if this has been asked before, I have only joined the list
>> this year...
>> Anyone here uses UNIX(like) OS other than Linux? Solaris? BSD?
>> And why are you on Linux UG mailing list? Is there no "Canberra
>> Solaris User Group"/"Canberra netBSD User Group" and you have join
>> here?

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