[clug] Photo viewers?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 20 00:53:57 GMT 2007

Woops - posted the last message too soon.

So, with xslideshow, there is a newer version in Debian unstable
that doesn't segfault when "-animate random" is given, but also
doesn't do random "animation" - just goes with the default "slide"
"animation". In fact this is the behaviour for _any_ string after
"-animate" other than the specific ones (ie. "-animate fooey" also
runs the default animation with no error or warning message!).

So, looks like a local compile and debug session if I want to go
that way.

The KDE screensaver kslideshow is a lot more feature-rich (in the
way that I want) so would be a better starting place, but I cannot
seem to make KDE (3.5.2 - in Feisty) behave the way I want in terms
of powersaving (or not, in this case). KDE keeps trying to invoke
DPMS after a while (like 20 minutes) even though I have disabled
DPMS in my Xorg configuration - and so the screensaver just stops
(no more animation/changing images). If I install kde-guidance to
control the monitor settings, the screensaver doesn't run at all.

I guess not many other people are trying to "roll-your-own" photo
frame viewer?


Bob Edwards.

Robert Edwards wrote:
> David Collett wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 10:01:57AM +1000, Robert Edwards wrote:
>>> I have tried xslideshow, but it segfaults with -animate random,
>>> otherwise works fine.
>> Sounds like a great opportunity to fix xslideshow! If you can reproduce
>> the segfault easily, you might be able to fix it with some debugging, or
>> at the very least, submit a detailed bug report to the developer.
>> Since I learned gdb, segfaults (in free software) stopped being annoying
>> and became a fun challenge instead :)
>> Dave
> It's a worthwhile challenge - I have never used gdb on code I haven't
> compiled myself, so I'll look there, otherwise download the source and
> see if I can find out what is going on. Looks like it hasn't been

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