[clug] Re: [SLUG] 2. Re: photo/graphics processing SIG anyone?

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Mon Jun 4 23:52:17 GMT 2007

Robert Edwards wrote:
> One option for a separate "stream" at CLUG meetings would be to use one
> of the workstation labs nearby - I'll look into how we can go about
> booking one and having it set up so that local ANU accounts are not
> required for using them.
> N116 (the one nearest N101) has a largish "tutorial" area at the front,
> so can operate both in lab and tutorial mode.
The latter would probably be fine.  I like the idea of having tutorials,
but I think at this stage we need to keep it simple and just have
presentations.  Later on when people are familiar with the layout and
there's continued interest in the separate 'stream' we can look at
tutorials.  Sound OK?

Thanks very much for that, Bob.

For the rest of the CLUGgites, I'm working on getting a pretty special
speaker to the CLUG meeting this month.  Those on the Linux Australia
list will already know the plan, and I think it'll be something everyone
is interested in (if Hugh's talk last year is anything to go by).  Stay
tuned for more details!

Have fun,


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