[clug] Automated install and maintenance

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 06:34:40 GMT 2007

> In the last few weeks I worked with gosa http://www.gosa-project.org/
> a project used by the Munich city council to handle their cluster
> of FAI-installed workstations. It basically stores everything in a ldap
> directory and uses a tidy web interface to create/remove/modify users,
> mail, applications, workstations, packages, etc.

Most interesting, I have had a few fiddles with gosa but from what I
can see it is not exacty an "unpack it, install it and start
installing machines" type thing.  ie: you have to set up the LDAP
server, FAI config, etc etc.  Perhaps things have changed a lot but
last time I looked GOSA was a (very) nice LDAP GUI.


For the meantime I have reverted to my old ways (FAI Ubuntu PXE
netboot install via Henning Sprangs FAI mods from a debian etch
"server") config file + package management via cfengine (using
autoapt) and user management via my-dodgy-shell-scripts-and-cfengine.
 I was getting all excited about puppet but upon further investigation
the package management is done via dpkg on debian. :(  no apt == no
(good) dependency tracking.

I do know the ubuntu bods are planning something for the next Ubuntu
release for automated rollout (that I presume will be FAI based) so
perhaps it will best to wait them to sort things out for me... :)


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