[clug] Ethernet for an old printer

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 06:19:36 GMT 2007

My old Laserjet series 4 has a serial port and a parallel port. I'd
like to share it across my home network via Ethernet and I do that by
connecting it to an 'always on' PC and sharing it. Ideally I'd like
not to keep the printer's host machine switched on 24/7 so that other
machines can print.

So I'm after a way to do the Ethernet to serial or parallel conversion
to make this happen. Now, I know that there are plenty of 'print
server' boxes available for about $130 - $250 that can achieve this,
but that costs as much as buying another printer.

Any suggestions for a low cost way to do this?



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