[clug] Ethernet for an old printer

Adam Thomas adam.lloyd at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 23:16:30 GMT 2007

On 26/07/07, Mike Carden <mike.carden at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I'm after a way to do the Ethernet to serial or parallel conversion
> to make this happen. Now, I know that there are plenty of 'print
> server' boxes available for about $130 - $250 that can achieve this,
> but that costs as much as buying another printer.
> Any suggestions for a low cost way to do this?
I'll have a rummage around in my box o' goodies. I think I have a
spare parallel to eth print server which I'm not using.

I have a feeling is uses some nasty win98 only app to configure it's
IP and such but it may pickup an IP from DHCP and then you can just
check your DHCP leases or nmap your network to find it.

If I find it I'll let you know off list and we can discus costings.

/* Doh! This was supposed to be on list. */

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