[clug] Grub trouble revisited

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at internode.on.net
Sun Jan 28 14:03:40 GMT 2007

Late last week we had a very short power failure down here in Batemans 
Bay. The up-shot was that it corrupted some system file(s) on the 
Windows XP side of my dual boot desktop PC. The only fix was a 
re-install of XP. After the re-install I could not boot Ubuntu on the 
second hard disk - I totally forgot about the MBR! (you idiot).

I Googled for several days trying different solutions but nothing seemed 
to work. Then I half remembered a note I had saved in my personal "How 
To" directory (on both XP and Ubuntu) about fixing Grub. The note turned 
out to be a saved copy of Mike Carden's post to this list on 22 Sept. 
2006 on "Grub trouble". His notes were clear and succinct and better 
still fixed the problem.

Thanks Mike!


Peter Anderson

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