[clug] Issues mounting a RHEL4 nfs export.

Antony Wuth foobie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 00:58:09 GMT 2007

On 1/25/07, Robert <robert at apex.net.au> wrote:

Well, it sounds like the problems at the linux end, not the solaris end.
> So tweaking the mount options probably isnt the solution.

I presumed the issue was at the solaris end -> the linux test came very late

in the night... :)

Anything special about the filesystem?

Filesystem is a fairly large ext3 which is presented via veritas from a
(loads of bits to cause pain)

What services do you have running?

Mine basically matches excepting nfslock - turning it on seems to make no

Probably not all of those are needed for nfs vers 3.

I don't have nfslock running - however starting it seems to make no

What does exportfs show.

/data00         phobe
/data00         theia
/data01         phobe
/data01         theia

Which looks like it should..

I was hoping someone would say 'you can't do that' so I could return to my
previous dull work :(


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