[clug] fastest way to copy a fs

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Wed Jan 17 07:18:33 GMT 2007

Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
> I want to move a fs to a new disk, and considering what is the best
> way to do this.

What I normally do is and in initial rsync while the source filesystem
is live then take it down and do a final rsync before cutting over to
the new disk.  The first one can be done over a longer period and you
can  lessen the load its putting on the source system with the --bwlimit
option. The final rsync is the only one that causes downtime so makes
the total downtime lower.  If I don't even want an outage to install the
target disk for the initial rsync I do it with the target attached to a
different machine.

I also use the -H rsync option on both and the --delete option on the
final run.

What did we ever do before rsync!!


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