[clug] fastest way to copy a fs

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Wed Jan 17 09:19:16 GMT 2007

Alex Satrapa wrote:
> On 17 Jan 2007, at 15:45, Richard Reynolds wrote:
>>> Having the disks on different controllers  means the bottleneck is 
>>> halving the bandwidth of the PCI bus rather  than halving the 
>>> bandwidth of the drive controller.
>> really only a bottleneck if the controller is half as fast as the  PCI
>> bus. 133MB/s is a hard game to catch with sustained reads/writes
> Exactly my point - even a USB 2.0 controller will have idle time when 
> it's only controlling one drive. Strictly speaking the bottleneck 
> becomes the drive itself (most drives I've played with max out at 
> 20MB/s off the platters). One you have more than that "off-the- platter"
> bandwidth from source to destination, you have very little  room left
> for optimising transfer speed.
>> feel free to, but benchmarks are published for many of these  already
>> google turned up a ton of results that seemed right on.
> Can you share the search? I've looked for "optimising file system 
> transfer" and "fastest way to copy one disk to another" but they  don't
> turn up anything interesting...
> Alex

So far this is what I see. It is the fs that spreads the writing so that
we are nowhere near sequential. A short test copied / (about 6GB) in some
22 minutes.

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