[clug] SuSE and the "right to life"

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Hi, all.

I skim the emails from this list all the time but only very irregularly do I

== The Machine ==

My 'main' Linux machine is a PIII Coppermine 866MHz machine that runs most
of a GB of RAM and 20 and 10GB drives, and has a pair of monitors at
1152x864 in Xinerama. There are advanced plans to graft in an array of SCSI
drives to add to this mix.

In other words, it's a successful machine for setting the task of
downloading ISOs and so on, and good for browsing, etc, etc. But, mostly, it
just adds to the BOINC total.

=== The OS ===

SuSE 10.0 (at the very latest update state) with KDE.

== The Questions ==

1. Am I being silly to think that Groklaw and others may be right about
Novel and M$ -- even without saying as much -- and that I should change from
SuSE? (It would be a 'conscience' thing for me.)

2. Does my SuSE system have a "right to life"?

On the other hand, I like SuSE KDE.

3. In which case, does anyone on the north side have the SuSE 10.2 DVD
and/or CDs that I could borrow or swap for blanks?

4. Does anyone have one AOpen P60/70 video card OR a matched pair of old-ish
PCI video cards supported under Linux? (My other un-matched video card is
*not well* and I get 'tearing' on the second Xinerama screen. No amount of
coaxing seems to make anAGP 3D card go well with a PCI card to do the same
thing. ... OR suggestions to get this going? (current AGP card options =
ST300S S3 Trio3D, nVidia MX400, or ATI Radeon 9800, or 3DForce B-16)

With thanks,

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