[clug] Re: MtM - companies using foss? - updated

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Sun Feb 25 11:51:45 GMT 2007

Sunnz wrote:
> Yahoo has always been running on FreeBSD.
Yep, you're right..
> 3D animations in the movie Matrix was rendered on a cluster of FreeBSD 
> machines.
Yep, some further Google searching seems to support this, thanks! Matrix 
Reloaded and Revolutions however appears to have been done on Linux :)
> There are probably more non-Linux Unix(like) OS in your examples, but
> I can't remember every single one of them in my head. You might want
> to check your sources.
It was quite hard to find a list (especially one with recent movies) but 
I tried to pull it together from various sources, though some are 
obviously less reliable than others. Primarily I used:

Thanks for the info.


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