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Yahoo has always been running on FreeBSD.

3D animations in the movie Matrix was rendered on a cluster of FreeBSD machines.

There are probably more non-Linux Unix(like) OS in your examples, but
I can't remember every single one of them in my head. You might want
to check your sources.

2007/2/24, Chris Smart <chris at kororaa.org>:
> Thanks to everyone who has replied. I thought it might be helpful to
> post what I have already which might give a feel for exactly what I'm
> after. Here's the new draft content. Please let me know if you have any
> further suggestions along the lines previously posted. Thanks!
> "Linux and open source technology is used just about everywhere these
> days. Of the top 500 supercomputers in the world, over 80% run Linux.
> Many of the computers that run the Internet are also using Linux. You
> might not realise that when you search for information on Google or
> purchase a product from Amazon you are using Linux computers! Many other
> well known names such as Ebay and Yahoo are built on Linux too."
> "While Linux has its roots in a purely voluntary environment, today
> Linux has top-notch professional support from many of the major
> companies in the IT industry such as Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, HP,
> Novell, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and others. Some of these companies
> also sponsor projects and hire open source developers so they can work
> on Linux and open source technology full time."
> "Hollywood started using Linux in 1997 for the film Titanic. Film
> studios Disney Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony, ILM and others now primarily use
> Linux and since 2003 almost every movie you enjoy at the cinema has been
> created with the help of Linux. Some of the blockbusters created using
> Linux before 2003 when using Linux became the norm include; Antz, Cats
> and Dogs, Chicken Run, Dr. Dolittle, Enemy at the Gates, Final Fantasy,
> Gladiator, Harry Potter, Incredible Hulk, Lord of the Rings, Men in
> Black, Pirates of the Caribbean, Planet of the Apes, Shrek, Star Trek,
> Star Wars, Stuart Little, The Matrix and many more."
> "As mentioned above, many IT companies support and use Linux. However
> there are also specifically Linux based companies such as Red Hat,
> Canonical, Mandriva, Novell and Xandros who release their own
> professional Linux distributions and provide commercial support for them."
> Cheers,
> Chris
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