[clug] MtM - companies using foss?

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Wed Feb 21 09:19:19 GMT 2007

Hey all,
Updating some content on makethemove.net and would like to ask if people 
can list companies that utilise Linux and or open source. For example, 
Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. Well known companies that people will 
recognise, and better still even used. Doesn't have to be limited to 
Internet based, though.

The other thing I'm after are major players in the IT sector that use / 
support Linux, like IBM, Oracle, Dell, HP, Novell etc.

And finally, distros / companies who provide commercial support for 
Linux / FOSS, such as Red Hat, Canonical, Novell, Xandros, Mandriva, etc?

Can anyone think of some others?

Thanks a bunch!


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