[clug] etch and egroupware, a sad story

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Tue Feb 20 10:25:20 GMT 2007

So I was looking for egroupware in etch but it's no-where to be seen. 
"It's in sarge so why on earth not in etch?" I thought to myself. It's 
also in sid, but etch? Nope.

So I searched the net and found this from 27th Jan 07:

In short (from my understanding) egroupware _was_ in etch and the 
maintainer asked for a maintenance release to be included in etch to 
allow it to work with php5 and postgres 8.1.

Some guy who obviously has some sort of say said he wouldn't approve it 
because he didn't feel it was a "maintenance release" and shouldn't be 
allowed into etch at this point of the freeze (probably fair enough 
because current stable postgresql is 7.5.22).

So the maintainer said "Then you might as well remove the package from 
etch because no one...is going to want to use or maintain that." And so 
the guy said "suit yourself" and removed it.

That's why we have no egroupware in etch. Bugger.

Looks like it's tarball time for me :)

Just thought I'd share.


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