[clug] Re: Getting started [FOR SALE]

Rodney Peters rodneyp at pcug.org.au
Sat Feb 17 22:44:01 GMT 2007

If you live in or near Canberra, then you could consider joining PC Users 
Group, which has an active Linux Learners Group.  Beginners may bring their 
equipment into PCUG Centre, on meeting days, for assistance.  OpenSuSE is the 
distribution favoured within Linux Learners Group.  See 


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> Hi there
> I am in dire need of help getting started with Linux.  I have tried several
> distro's (at present trying to use "Simply Mepis" ) but with this distro as
> with all others I have tried I just can't get virtually any further than
> the install.  My immediate goal is to install "Crossover" in order that I
> may thus install DVD copy / burning programs but like with "Wine" I cannot
> get the install to work.  I have tried all varies ways of running the
> install scripts for both the aforementioned programs but to no avail.  I am
> sure that my problem is a very basic one but I am without a clue.  So can
> anyone help me?! I am willing to pay to have someone get me started.
> As a footnote, I have been using computers going back to the days of my
> first system a 286 with if my memory serves me correctly 4Mb of Ram. I THEN
> knew DOS backwards and have built / upgraded repaired many systems since so
> please don't think of me a complete dummy ......... just a dummy when it
> comes to Linux. Hope someone can / will help me. Regards Barry

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