[clug] Re: Linux Systems Administrator Canberra

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Feb 15 03:04:44 GMT 2007

On 15/02/2007, at 12:46 , Michael Tomkins wrote:

> They have values too!
> "NICTA is an exciting, empowering and creative environment..."
> http://nicta.com.au/director/aboutnicta/our%20values.cfm BINGO!

Wow! So harsh!

And to think the only thing that turned me of NCITA was the fact that  
they don't indicate what salary range they're prepared to offer for  
the positions they have available, or what actual work the successful  
applicant would be involved in (there is a huge difference between  
doing desktop support *and* systems administration *and* software  
development for an office of 10 people vs 500).

Of course, once I saw the (Microsoft Windows, Office, etc) desktop  
support component mixed in with systems administration, I lost  
interest. Not my cup of tea.


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