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Michael Tomkins michft at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 01:46:25 GMT 2007

On 14/02/2007, at 11:00 PM, linux-request at lists.samba.org wrote:

> Darren said:
>>> My bad, you cannot browse directly to the URL since the
>> site requires
>>> a cookie that is loaded in the top level page.
> If so, my 2c worth:
> - I'm looking from work, using IE6 with cookies and everything else  
> turned on,
>   and the message is:
>   "We have tested your browser and found the setting for cookies  
> has been
>   turned off."



>   Clearly the interrogation is faulty.
> - any site that requires cookies to be enabled in order for the  
> site to be
>   functional is broken. Cookies may provide some convenience; they  
> should
>   never be a functional prerequisite.


> For an organisation like NICTA to be running such a site is sad  
> indeed.

Check URL, not www.nicta.gov.au but nicta.net.au

http://nicta.com.au/ as well ?(

Had graduate interview with the people funding these guys ( http:// 
www.dcita.gov.au/ ), was extremely short and got distinct impression  
that a PR person was running the show not an IT. Had no clues about  
what net could do, but what net could be sold as. And how we could  
leverage our department.

> Fred

OMG, NICTA have a "Mission" statement. When all else fails, rewrite  
your mission statement.

You too can have a mission statement like theirs.

They have values too!
"NICTA is an exciting, empowering and creative environment..."
http://nicta.com.au/director/aboutnicta/our%20values.cfm BINGO!

And it appears that someone has taken the ball and run from the  
building, with ~$380M.

And if we're selling jobs, anyone got one for a BE CompE / LLB  
graduate. *nix appDev|DB Pref.
Michael Tomkins
michft at gmail.com
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