[clug] Disturbing mail from Optus (re-send)

Duncan Roe duncan_roe at acslink.net.au
Sat Feb 10 00:24:54 GMT 2007

Sorry if you get this twice - sent to old anu address first time - D.

Hi everyone,

Most of you will likely not have seen this because you have TransACT in
Canberra, or ADSL or whatever. But here in Melbourne, Optus Cable has served my
needs well, until now.

The email below appears to indicate a plan to cut off all but Windoze lusers
from their webmail service.

I have already responded to their feedback URL regarding this plan. But I doubt
if one response will make any difference - even if it did refrain from being
impolite or abusive.

Perhaps anyone with an Optus home phone would like to chip in? Or what about
SLUG members? - anyone on Optus cable in Sydney?

<rant>The Linux community needs to demonstrate its numbers when the telco's
marketing departments dream up wrong-headed schemes like this one, or tolerate
second-class service. </rant>

How about it, guys?

Cheers ... Duncan.

P.S. In a separate response I suggested they publish their terms & conditions
other than as Word docs (I said pdf would be fine).

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 Date: Tue,  6 Feb 2007 09:37:17 +1100


          Your new Optus homepage is here.


The new myZOO site is here!

As featured in past newsletters and on the OptusNet homepage, Optus and ninemsn
have been working together and have taken your feedback into consideration
regarding myZOO BETA. As a result we've created a brand new site for you called
myZOO. You can check out the latest horoscopes, news, weather, music charts,
competitions and much more!

Member Services is still just one click away.

Member Services, Webmail and Usage details to manage your account are still just
one click away, at the top of every page.

Choose the content you want.

You'll see various modules for different content like news and horoscopes.
Simply drag the modules you want and drop them into place on the page. You can
also select more or less content to be displayed for each module.

Even more personalisation with Windows Live ID.

On your first visit to myZOO, you'll be given the option to create a Windows
Live ID. From then on, you'll use this ID to login to OptusNet services.

With your Windows Live ID you can personalise your homepage, set up your own
blog through Spaces and access sites and services provided by Optus and ninemsn.

Exciting new services coming soon.

Soon you'll be able to access all kinds of new services using your Windows Live

In the coming months, we'll replace your current OptusNet Webmail service with
an enhanced Windows Live Mail service. This means your login details, webmail
and contact records will be transitioned to Microsoft so we can provide you with
a vastly improved Webmail and calendar service.

At this time, if you haven't already, you will be required to create your
Windows Live ID in order to access your Webmail records on the new service.

Create your Windows Live ID now.

We do encourage you to visit myZOO and create your Windows Live ID now to enjoy
the extra personalisation. However, we'll send you a reminder and further
instructions closer to the transition to Windows Live ID mail services. Your
first use of this future service will be taken as acceptance of our new terms
and conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this information, please
fill out the myZOO feedback form at
http://www.optuszoo.com.au/help/cable/feedback and an Optus representative will
reply to your query. You can also view the changes to terms and conditions at

Go to myZOO now at http://www.optuszoo.com.au

Regards, The Optus Customer Solutions Team

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